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This information is thought to be current but is dependent upon input from the instructor. If you’re a gyroplane instructor and any of this information changes, please use the email address below to update the information.

Note: An asterick beside a state code or country indicates "Other Training Locale(s)" are specified.

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An explanation of the data and codes appears below, after the "Notices" section.






Other Training Locale(s)

Training Aircraft

Pilot Certification(s)

Instructor Certification(s)

Manufacturer(s) Rep for

Comments from

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Notices from

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Explanation of Data and Codes

Some of the information is self-explanatory (for example, Name and Address).

Other Training Locales(s) is the geographic area(s) where the instructor may offer instructional services beyond his or her home base.

Training Aircraft is a list of the aircraft the instructor provides for training.

Manufacturer(s) Rep for lists any gyroplane manufacturers for which the instructor may be affiliated as a sales representative.

Comments is an area where the instructor may offer comments about training services.

Notices is an area where the instructor may provide notice of current activities; for example fly-ins he or she will be attending.

Pilot Certifications: For each pilot certification, the level of airman certification (pilot license) is given followed by the category/class of that level of certification.

Instructor Certifications: For each instructor certification, the “level” of instructor certification (CFI or CFI-Sport) is given, followed by the category/class of aircraft for that instructor certification.

Codes for Instructor Certifications:
CFI = Certified Flight Instructor (can instruct for all levels of airman or instructor certifications)
CFI-S = Sport Pilot Instructor (can instruct to the Sport Pilot level of airman or instructor certification)
CFII = Certified Instrument Instructor