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On this page is a list of manufacturers that offer for the US market complete kits* of gyroplanes that may qualify as a light-sport aircraft. The manufacturers include US manufactures and overseas manufacturers with established distribution channels in the US. In some cases, a manufacturer may have some models that are available overseas but not in the US.

The list doesn't include manufacturers who only offer partial kits or plans-only, or only models intended to be ultralights.

*Most light-sport gyroplanes in the US are either custom-built or assembled from a kit and certificated as Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB). Because FAA regulations don't currently allow factory-built light-sport gyroplanes to be certificated as Special LSA (SLSA), they effectively prevent factory-built light-sport gyroplanes unless they are certificated as Experimental Exhibition, which places severe restrictions on how and where an aircraft may be operated. Another exception for factory-built gyroplanes is if they are employed for public use, such as law enforcement.

Below, you can click on the name of a manufacturer to view more information about that manufacturer, including gyroplane models offered in the US and a link to the manufacturer's website or its sales representative in the US.

Aerial Surveillance
aka Butterfly Aircraft
Air Command AutoGyro
Aviomania Celier Aviation Halley
Magni Gyro Rotor Flight
Sport Copter

More extensive data about many of the individual models of light-sport gyroplanes available in the US can be found in the Gyroplane Directory section of

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