Friday November 17, 2017


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Changes to How Student Pilot
Certificates are Issued

Yet another change is the duration of a Student Pilot certificate. Before the new regulations, Student Pilot certificates expired after 24 months and they couldnít be renewed; to continue Student Pilot privileges, a new application had to be made. With the new regulations, and like all other levels of pilot certificates, a Sport Pilot certificate will no longer expire. However, even though the Student Pilot certificate doesnít expire, some endorsements may have to be renewed, just as before. For example, solo privileges must be renewed every 90 days.

Note: Student Pilot certificates issued prior to April 1st will continue to be valid until they expire or are replaced by another pilot certificate.

So, how do these new regulations impact existing gyroplane pilots or aspiring gyroplane pilots?

Ira McComic

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